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  1. How to get User Id and Password in SPARK?
  2. How to login to SPARK Application?
  3. What is the User code in Login box denotes?
  4. Why did my password become incorrect in SPARK?
  5. Why user login gets blocked in spark?
  6. How to change user password?


  • How to get User ID and Password in SPARK?

Establishment/Account user login
Please make sure you have a PEN Number, and then inform us with the following details through email

Permanent Employee Number (PEN)
Name of the Employee
Date of Birth
Office Name with address
Local Body
DDO Code
Head Of Account.

SDO login
Please make sure you have a PEN otherwise contact establishment user in your office to create PEN.

Present Salary details should also be entered while creating PEN.

Then inform SPARK Administrator/DMU with the following details through email
Permanent Employee Number(PEN)
Office Name
SDO Code
GE Number
Treasury Specimen Card Number
Head of Account
SPARK Administrator : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • How to login to SPARK Application?

Open Mozilla Fire Fox or Internet Explorer

Type the Address( and go to login page.

In the User Code box type the PEN and in the Password box type your Password.

Then Click ‘Sign in’ button


  • What is the User code in Login box denotes?

User Code is the 6 digit Permanent Employee Number(PEN) alotted to an employee. There should be no space between the digits while entering.

  • Why did my password become incorrect in SPARK?

1. The password is case sensitive. i. e the upper case character must be in upper case and lower case character must be in lowercase.
2. You should make sure that the keys in the keyboard of your computer is properly working.
Note:- You can verify your Password by typing it in a document sheet (e.g Notepad) before trying again.

  • Why user login gets blocked in SPARK?

Whenever you trying to login to SPARK application with a wrong user code or password for five times the system will automatically block your login.
You can login again only after the access is being reset by DMU or SPARK Administrator.

  • How to change user password?

Goto Administration --> Change Password.


Enter current Password in the Current Password box

Then enter a new password in both New Password box and Confirm New Password box.

Click 'Confirm' button

Note:-Password must be atleast eight characters long. It should be alpha numeric and will expire after every 60 Days.

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What is new
All DDOs are informed that Government has scheduled to implement Digitally signed e submission alone from the salary and other allowances from 1st September 2017 onwards. KELTRON has been assigned the responsibility of giving Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) FREE OF COST. Hence all DDOs are requested to take Digital signature certificates(DSC) from KELTRON and to Contact District wise KELTRON office .DDOs should ensure that the name in Digital Signature is same as that in SPARK. No correction in name will be entertained by SPARK PMU based on Digital Signature Certificate(DSC).
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.Kannur Regional Spark Help Centre 0497-2707722






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