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 Government of Kerala have over 5,25,000 employees across various departments, schools and colleges in the State. These employees belong to various categories responsible for administrative and functional areas. They form the major asset base of the Government. Efficient and effective utilisation of this asset viz. the available human resources are important to ensure effective administration of the state.

A structured data base on staff, their training and experience is not readily available at present. There is the feeling that a large section of the Government is engaged in administering itself. Issues related to employees like recruitments, trainings, postings, transfers, seniority lists, promotions and retirements are handled within Government. Moreover regarding individual employees, payment of salary, ensuring statutory deductions, processing of request for loans and advances and ensuring its recovery, issues related to leave and increments are also routinely done. Over and above this, processing of disciplinary matters and assessments of liabilities for calculating pension and gratuity payments are also routinely done within the Government.
Employees by and large have a feeling that most of the above matters related to them are processed in a tardy manner and with considerable delay. This leads to employee dissatisfaction and in turn affects the morale of the employee. If a person experiences substantial delay in getting his personal entitlement sanctioned with in the office environment, it is only logical that his own approach to addressing common man’s requests would also be equally casual, leading to delays. Ensuring that Government offices have an efficient system for processing issues related to establishment matters and matters related to employees is an important pre requisite for employee satisfaction and overall improvement in morale and service delivery.

An equally important requirement within government is in identifying the right person for the right job. Though this identification process is constrained by departmental structures, it will still be possible to a limited extent to identify the right person for certain job requirements at least. However for this to happen the details of qualifications, experiences and skill sets of individual employee needs to be available in structured manner. Many employees have qualifications much above the prescribed minimum levels. Employees also have very specific field level experiences which are relevant for specific assignments. However at present there are practically no systems by which the consolidated profiles of individual employees are readily available as a decision making input.

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In fact at present the particulars of an employee including his qualifications, experiences and personal particulars are noted in individual service books in manual system. Though some consolidated registers like establishment register is to be maintained in every office, over a period of time this has fallen into disuse. As such there is a pressing need to have a consolidated personal information database of all employees with in government capturing all the relevant particulars of individual employees. An electronic database would be ideally suited as the information could be retrieved and updated fairly frequently. To begin with, the fields in the service books itself could be used and subsequently more information points on individual employees could be added so as to make database as comprehensive as possible.

Based on the above analysis, inG.O (MS) No.345/03/GAD dated 26/11/2003, Government had accorded sanction for implementing an Integrated Personnel and Payroll Management System for all Government Departments. As per G.O (MS) No.192/04/GAD dated 29/07/2004, National Informatic Center’s(NIC) proposal for implementing the project with the name Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) was accepted by government. The pilot project was successfully implemented in Finance Department, Government Secretariat. After reviewing the pilot phase, based on the decision of the Steering cum Empowered Committee for MGP, in G.O (MS) No.392/05/GAD dated 05/11/2005,sanction was accorded for implementing the package in all the departments. The ownership and co-ownership of the project were entrusted with IT and Finance Departments respectively. The implementation of the Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) was assigned to Kerala State IT Mission.

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All DDOs are informed that Government has scheduled to implement Digitally signed e submission alone from the salary and other allowances from 1st September 2017 onwards. KELTRON has been assigned the responsibility of giving Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) FREE OF COST. Hence all DDOs are requested to take Digital signature certificates(DSC) from KELTRON and to Contact District wise KELTRON office .DDOs should ensure that the name in Digital Signature is same as that in SPARK. No correction in name will be entertained by SPARK PMU based on Digital Signature Certificate(DSC).
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